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Interviews and/or articles about works.
Miami, Nice 
Style Interview



I was interviewed by for a segment on how I came up with the ideas and decoration for Khourtney and Khloe's Miami suite while we were filming Season 1 of their

show for E!.


It was a great experience to get to use all the color that Miami had to offer at the time. 


The color palette was totally taken from the streets of South Beach, Miami and were actually right in line with the color palettes that the girls thought represented them as well. 

Artizine / Art Institute of CA - Hollywood
The Comedy Club Interview


My set decoration class was interviewed while we were in the process of putting together the design for The Comedy Club - Haunted Midnights Installation.


The studios not only got to design and build an installation in the one of the most haunted locations in Southern California, but they also got to share their experiences with the school paper and live on the KTLA morning show. 


They said we didn't have any ghost experiences, but I believe that we did encounter Gus, the resident mobster that hasn't left the property since his death.

Spoonful Restaurant
Restaurant Reviewers 


I was absolutely thrilled that so many visitors to Spoonful actually got the feeling of the Southern faire that we tried to instill into the design of the quaint location. 


Truly based on the masculine version of "Gone With the Wind" as our inspiration, Spoonful was full of textures that brought the South to California.

The Comedy Store
Haunted Midnights / Sunset Blvd, CA
KTLA Morning News Live Broadcast
EXP Paranormal Investigation
3 Segments

My students got to showcase their work to the KTLA morning crew liv broadcast. 


They filmed them making props and they walked throughtout our installation that we set up, recreating the original Ciro's Nightclub from the 1940's. 


The students had the opportunity of a lifetime to see their work go public and receive such great reviews. 

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