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Film Works - A Larger Visual Story

All phases of design and/or assisting with in production.

Sparks (2013)

Sideshow Productions

Production Design

Happy Holidays (2008)

Scalepluspoints Productions

Production Design

True Lies (1994)

Lightstorm Ent. 

Production Designer: Peter Lamont

Art Dept. P.A., Art Dept. Assistant

Wing Commander (1999)

Carousel Pictures / 20th Century Fox

Production Designer: Peter Lamont

Art Director: Charles Lee

Art Director: after edit pick up shots

Just Can't Get Enough (2002)

Grinder Films / Regent Ent.

Production Designer: Dave Blass

Asst. Set Decorator

Cloud 9 (2006)

Out of the Blue Prods. / Lakeshore Ent.

Production Designer: John Laredo

Asst. Set Decorator / Shopper

Accepted (2006)

Universal Pictures

DVD Video Confessional Trailer Design

Art Director / Set Decorator

Man: The Unfathomable (1995)

Golden Era Productions

Set Designer / Drafstman

Forbidden City (2001)

Ron Kay Productions

Production Designer: Ron Kay

Set Decorator: after edit pick up shots

Falling (1995)

CalArts Student Films

Production Design

Builders (working title)

New Deal Studios / Blueshift Ent.

Production Design

TOB (working title)

Misfit Productions

Clint Howard & Gavin Grazer

Production Design

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